Right path to best health

There is a lot of discussion about the word wellness . When it comes to good health, we talk of wellness. But wellness means not only being free from diseases. This means improvement in quality of life. Wellness means living a meaningful life in which there is consciousness. Life gets this consciousness and meaning from physical as well as emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social and healthy surrounding environment.

We all may have some special inclination which is due to genetic reasons. But our health and aging are not decided in advance. By making some changes in our behavior and choosing the center of our thoughts, we can decide our body experiences and also reverse our aging process. Our health is like a bank account. What we put into it, we get back. Therefore, the right choice and investment is very important to keep the body and mind healthy. The practitioner can only teach you what to do and how to do it. You have to give importance to those powers inside you, which work for healing.

The chemistry process of Ayurveda is not limited to consuming some energy-giving pills, herbs, vitamins or minerals. Every medicine, food, behavior or process that works to renew the vital tissues of the body and re-energize the body and brain, helps us to cope with day-to-day stress, is counted in the chemical itself. That is why they are divided into different categories based on the methods used and the results obtained from them.

An important message of Ayurveda is that health and wellness should not be made available to you but reach it through Swasth-vrat (clean life) and Sad-vrat (simple and moderate life). In Ayurveda, what has been discussed under Madhyam Rasay and Acharya Rasayana talks about such activities which are positive. Positive actions or activities mean such intelligence and behavior that increase chemistry. Good way of living is necessary for good health. This is the simplest, easiest and the easiest way to get energy. What happens in the brain also has a physical effect. The converse is also true. We can understand this that some chemicals are secreted in the body which stimulates the body and brain. This has its effect in two ways. Negative emotions like stubbornness, greed, anger, Suspicion etc. will increase stress and damage to the body. Positive feelings should be communicated to reduce their impact. And meditation should be done so that the body recovers itself and compensates for the loss.

Showing compassion, being sympathetic, being thankful and always thinking positively are ways to get good health for free. This is called PAI i.e. positive active intervention. Research at California, Riverside and Duke University Medical Center have found that PAI can be a very effective treatment for depression patients. Although anti-depression pills may be necessary for some people, positive work is always good for a healthy body and strong mind.

A study was published in 1984 in the journal Science of America. This study was done on patients who had surgery. 23 patients were given rooms whose windows reflected natural beauty. The windows of the other 23 patients opened in front of the wall. The patients who had seen the natural beauty had to stay in hospital less days after the operation. The pen killer also had to eat less. And the nurses gave him less negative comments. That is, natural beauty creates positive emotions, arouses interest and reduces stress and discomfort.

Fear, worry, hate, resentment, greed and despair are life-wasting emotions while feelings like love, hope, trust in yourself, shrewdness and trust keep alive and help others' lives as well. They are helpful in health and wellness. A healthy person is one who is physically relaxed, mentally alert, emotionally calm and spiritually aware. We are what we think and express.