What is Guest Posting, and its benefits

For those who do not have 17 minutes to learn the essentials of guest posting, but still want to know what is, the first two paragraphs should suffice.

A blog is a website operated by individuals, groups or companies. It is written on some specific subject to inform, entertain and gather groups of readers with similar interests. A blog consists of posts - content that describes an event, opinion, product, or anything else that interests the blog.

Guest blogging is publishing only your content (guest posts) on someone else's blog. It is used as a part of search engine optimization as one of the link building methods to increase traffic and ranking of your website.

The more interesting and detailed part is coming to the rest of the readers. Enjoy it!

This is a simple way that you can get your name from there, but not all guest posts are enough to help you.

What is Guest Posting

One main reason for guest blogging is: backlinks *! Read

our comment backlinks guide

backlink : link inside guest post that leads to your site, but more about it later.

When you are focused on getting just one thing (backlink) it is easy to forget about the other guest, important factors of an equally good guest post.

Therefore, for the purpose of better understanding of other factors, imagine two things.

There are no backlinks in guest posts - I know! It is hard, unimaginative and hopeless. But don't worry, you will find your link, it is only a small exercise.

Now ask yourself some questions from that point of view:

Will I publish this post on my site?

Will I click on this title?

Will i read this post?

Do I find it interesting and useful?

Can I find a solution to the problem I was looking for?

Did I get the title that was promising?

Did this inspire me enough to share on my social media accounts, send to a friend or leave a comment?

Was it interesting to talk about it with others?

If the answer to all those questions is the answer YES 'then you are good to go!

If not, see the list below to get some ideas.
Types of guest posts
Guide - The reader provides guidance on how to solve a real-life problem. The more detailed - the better. Do not do those types of guides where you skip a step because it is trivial for you. You need to assume that the reader knows nothing about that problem and that every single step is included with the description and - if possible - the image.

Lists - There are several types of them: checklists, to-do lists, bucket lists, brainstorm lists… and they can be about anything. Idea has to do it better than everyone else, so don't do it: '5 Tools for Internet Marketing it. Instead of doing really extensive research and making a list with 100 tools.

Case Study - Explain on examples how you solved the real problem and what you learned from it.

Review - You can review the product or service, recommend to others who are planning to use it or buy it and connect with the seller of that product to reach a greater audience.

Infographics - Infographic is not a post but can be included in a post to make it more fun and easier to read.

Experience - Share your experience to prove the point. For example, write a post titled: I How I Managed to Make My Websites Traffic by 150% Just by Guest Blogging tit. It is easy for others to know that someone had the same problem, managed to solve it and is willing to share it with them.

Characteristics of a good guest post:

  • Creative
  • Informative
  • Unique
  • Interesting
  • Useful
  • Based on real examples
  • Providing genuine, applicable advice
  • Commercial free
  • grammatically correct

The benefits one can expect from guest blogging

As I mentioned, the main reason for guest posting is links that are bringing the reader back to your site. Apart from this, you will get some more benefits.

  1. Traffic Increase - By publishing to other blogs you can attract a whole new group of visitors to your site. If you want to know how many new visitors you can expect, check the monthly traffic of the blog you plan to post.
  2. Brand Awareness - If you provide good information and usually demonstrate that you care, by writing high-quality articles, your brand will soon be recognized and have a great reputation.
  3. Direct contact with potential customers - After publishing your post you can expect that readers will comment. And those readers can become your customers. This is a great opportunity to get in touch with them and find out more about them.
  4. Easy promotion - You got your guest post for free and now you can promote it for free. You can find more information on how to do this at the end of this post.
  5. Post - If blogger accepts guest post then it means you will also get backlink. The only question is what are they going to be like. It completely depends on the blogger's policy. Each of them has different rules and to get a guest position, you should follow them.

The conclusion

I hope you have wanted to know more about guest posting and more. This may seem complicated at first and it can be confusing initially. After writing and publishing your first few posts, you will get a sense of what readers and bloggers respond best to. You will meet new partners and through them, you will be able to access even bigger and better sites. And in the end - however unlikely or strange it may seem - you will not be able to grow your business with this method.

Examples :